Pegasus has helped very many professionals on a one-to-one basis, developing their skills both for their benefit and that of the business.

Managing Partner – leading regional top 200 law firm

When a leading top 200 law firm adopted a new organisational structure and business plan, and appointed a new managing partner, the firm consulted Pegasus to provide support by:

  • Clarifying the role, priorities and objectives.
  • Developing business-wide communication strategies.
  • Exploring styles and tactics to address difficult personalities and challenging situations.
  • Supporting the development of appropriate and strategic implementation plans, systems and structured review processes.
  • Acting as a sounding board, a self awareness guide and an appropriate support mechanism. Pegasus guided and supported the Managing Partner throughout a very difficult period and the hard work is now bearing fruit: the firm has a new found purpose, strong team ethos and increased performance figures.

Departmental manager – 3 office law firm

Pegasus were called upon to support the departmental manager of a newly-merged law firm who was suffering from stress and overwork. Pegasus were able to provide support by:

  • Understanding and re-defining the drivers and objectives for the department and each team.
  • Identifying new and clear priorities – understanding ‘importance vs urgency’.
  • Re-defining communications and adapting communication style and approach to best suit the new office heads and partners.
  • Planning and managing key projects and interactions in a more clear and proactive way.

This manager is now working with greater confidence, pro-activity and effectiveness.

Fee earner – Litigation Department

Pegasus were asked to work with a Fee Earner who was experiencing difficulties in meeting the new objectives demanded of her by a team re-organisation and a new supervisor with an abrupt style. Pegasus provided support by:

  • Clarifying new objectives and how these translated into work style and organisation.
  • Identifying communication styles to help identify expectations, needs and gaps.
  • Identifying new priorities and introducing the prioritisation grid.
  • Assessing planning and project management techniques and applying these into practice.
  • Opening up more assertive approaches to communication, delegation and supervision.

Through a comprehensive process of support and clarification of mutual needs and styles, the fee earner has been able to re-build her confidence and has now returned to profitability and increased effectiveness.