The Firm

Leading provincial Top 200 law firm.

The Issue

Following a strategic review process that highlighted an inexorably changing market for its services, the firm adopted a new business plan. For this plan to succeed, the firm had to find the delicate balance between retaining the key cultural traits that underpinned and enabled success, while also driving essential change. Staff surveys also indicated the need for a fundamentally clearer purpose underpinned by more inclusiveness, better communication and more supportive systems.

The Aim

Pegasus aimed to help the firm in a number of ways: providing the insight and expertise that would give staff an understanding of changing client needs, increased competition, increased pressure on fees, regulatory change and the effects of the Legal Services Act.

The Method

Beginning with the premise that organisations don’t change, individuals do, Pegasus supported the firm in the initial preparatory steps for raising awareness of the need for change. Working closely with the HR and Marketing Managers, Pegasus devised, planned and developed a commercial awareness and client development programme for all staff – the partners undertaking a separate more in-depth programme.

The firm’s fee earners benefitted from four 3-hour modules covering:

  • Commercial Awareness
  • Firm Financials
  • Client Care/CRM
  • Networking

Support staff received a tailored, one day programme and Pegasus encouraged cross-office attendance to highlight best-practice and encourage cross-fertilisation of ideas, understanding and approach.

The Results

The principles that underpin Pegasus’ delivery, for example the 70/30 involvement rule, encouraged high levels of engagement and creativity and created invaluable ideas. The programme facilitated an atmosphere of openness and awareness essential to effective implementation of the firm’s business plan. The programme also overcame any scepticism associated with how the plan would be managed and completed, and the investment in time, knowledge and training have eased both the actual change phase and are proving invaluable in the re-enforcement of change phase.