The Firm

A leading provincial law firm employing 150 staff.

The Issue

The firm approached Pegasus to raise the profile of risk at all levels across the firm. The firm wanted training that would provide a clear indicator and guide for the introduction of Outcomes Focused Regulation (OFR) under the SRA Handbook 2011.

The Aim

After an initial meeting, Pegasus partnered the firm to identify and agree key objectives:

  • To ensure that risk assessment underpinned the firm’s daily activities
  • To reinforce and develop best practice across departmental and firm-wide systems and working processes
  • To encourage individual responsibility for assessing and implementing risk procedures and systems

The Method

Pegasus worked closely with the firm’s risk partner and COO to develop an interactive and informative seminar. Over five days, Pegasus delivered 11 workshops to the firm’s 150 staff. A cross-section of employees were invited to each 2.5 hour session and were asked to review scenarios in which a hypothetical new client (The Stig from Top Gear) to the firm was looking for support with both business and personal matters. Scenarios included:

  • Best practice in taking instructions, scoping and pricing
  • Client and matter opening procedures, including MLR and conflict checks
  • Dealing with client scenarios as they developed in line with SRA Handbook Rules
  • Managing expectations, reporting to the client and file closure procedures

The Results

The overview across the firm was that risk procedures where generally being followed but were not always understood. The seminars enabled and provided the higher level of understanding that was essential to the ongoing implementation of OFR. Pegasus also identified the need for more internal communication and more user-friendly systems to obtain further buy-in.

Pegasus achieved high levels of engagement and positive feedback, including:

  • “Very contextual and relevant – thorough, informative and thought provoking.”
  • “Enjoyed the Stig case study, putting discussion into a practical context and it was fun.”
  • “Enthusiasm contagious – felt relaxed even though it was a group discussion.”