Realise your potential

  • What does the future hold for you and your chambers?
  • Do you have sufficiently defined business aims and objectives?
  • Can you articulate those aims and objectives for the next 5 years?
  • Are you making the most of your current opportunities?
  • Are your skills honed to the new and changing market opportunities?
  • Would you benefit from a re-invigorated, purposeful and aligned chambers leadership?

The most successful and perceptive barristers are well-rounded individuals having both expert-level technical skills plus high levels of communication, relationship, business development and personal leadership skills. Chambers, as a corporate entity and organisation, also needs to embrace these skills.

So where does coaching and mentoring fit in and what can they do for you?

We interpret coaching as the facilitation of self-realisation and learning, whilst mentoring facilitates speedy, structured and specialised learning, knowledge and skill sharing.

In short, they both empower you and members of staff in your chambers to take responsibility for managing their own performance and development by extending individual and team capabilities beyond core technical skills.

Effective coaching and mentoring underpins and drives achievement of both your corporate and individual strategies, allowing you to maximise both efficiency and effectiveness in increasing opportunity, turnover and profitability.

What can PegasusMRA provide?

We have a network of potential coaches and mentors available and can recommend the right one for you, whether it is for:

  • A member of the chambers management team or a head of team who needs directional support or a sounding board outside chambers.
  • Support for anybody in chambers as they make the transitory steps into a new role.
  • To help someone identify a life direction.
  • To help someone develop a specific skill.
  • To support an exit strategy.

We begin every coaching assignment by agreeing specific objectives with the coachee as well as measures of success so that we can subsequently gauge the effectiveness of the interaction.

Our flexible tools and techniques mean that coaching can take place face-to-face or over the phone, whichever is more efficient and effective, with comprehensive follow ups that include records of key discussion and action points.