Working together to be even better

By their very nature, barristers have a preference for working autonomously and independently. This preference can lead to a reluctance to work or think as part of the widerteam supporting wider client contracts, volume work or in leveraging public access work. It can also mean that they are, in general, less interested in broader business issues and can also be reluctant to ask for guidance or support.

From Experience, PegasusMRA has seen how developing a team ethos helps leverage work opportunities. The move towards integrated service companies will potentially bring future efficiencies, effectiveness and increased profitability but only if higher levels of teamwork are employed. When combined with clear and effective leadership, a high calibre, highly trained, motivated and committed team is essential to successfully implementing that team’s business strategy.

Tailored Training

Our flexible, individual approach means that we can develop and structure training workshops that are truly bespoke to the needs of your Chambers.

We’d be happy to discuss how we can resolve your specific issues and help achieve your ambitions.

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Sample workshops include:

Team Leadership

We’ll show your team leaders how to understand the concepts and dynamics behind teams, and how to maximise the individual contributions of barristers, clerks and other support members to team objectives and targets. Our workshops use practical theories, actual experiences from chambers, case studies, discussions and practical activities to build the confidence of all participants in a supportive and open environment.

We’ll ensure you understand:

  • The importance of clearly defined objectives, roles and responsibilities.
  • What is motivation? Applying motivational models to individuals and their team.
  • The effects of team dynamics on individual and team performance.
  • How to apply practical leadership models to establish a distinct leadership style that meets the needs of your team.
  • The importance of supporting and coaching team members on a day-to-day basis.


Effective Team Working

Enabling team members to understand the concept and dynamics of teams, this workshop focuses on what makes a team effective and what the team’s focus should be. This helps ensure that team members are clear on how they can contribute to team objectives more effectively.

We can show you:

  • What a team in your chambers might look like; who will be in the team and what advantages will the team bring.
  • The importance of clear team and individual objectives and clear role definitions.
  • How to understand individual team members’ priorities and motivations at all levels.
  • How to understand team dynamics and the stages of team development.
  • How to recognise, understand and nurture the skills of each other.


Project Management

Each client instruction has the 3 key elements of a project: scope, time and cost. While most professionals work on this project-by-project basis, many do not have a clear understanding of how to fulfil the project manager role more effectively.

We can help you to break the management of a client matter or a project into task skills, (objective setting, scoping, planning and organising and allocating roles) and ‘people’ skills (motivating, supervising and coaching).

Sample workshop subjects include showing you how to:

  • Identify and agree clear and measurable goals.
  • Estimate and schedule key steps that allow confident pricing.
  • Apply best practice to plan and run projects on time and within budget.
  • Implement risk management techniques whilst anticipating and then deploying mitigation strategies, as appropriate.
  • Implement monitoring tools to keep in control of the project and the team whilst also retaining flexibility to respond to and manage change.