Those barristers and chambers that have already embraced the concept of public access (PA) have done so mainly because they have organised themselves effectively with targeted marketing and by developing user-friendly and efficient processes but also, more importantly, by delivering high standards of client care. However, they still represent a minority of self-employed barristers.

Fully leveraging the opportunities provided by PA will involve:

  • A revised strategic approach – by re-thinking external working relationships with clients, solicitors and referral agencies as well as internal structures, organisation and approach;
  • Changing the one-off transactional approach to clients by thinking about developing and retaining clients (not just solicitors) and thinking about developing Chambers’ clients;
  • Working in teams across Chambers to market, develop and leverage existing and future opportunities, clients and potential work referrers;
  • The adoption of standardised Chambers systems and processes to aid efficiency, effectiveness and profitability as well as to manage risk; and
  • Providing more appropriate and integrated marketing, client care and the development and training of clerks and support staff, in particular.

All of these areas will inevitably involve changing thought processes, mind sets, systems and an investment in skills development.

All this may seem a little daunting …not to be natural to those working as independent practitioners. Moreover, in busy practices there will usually be little time to devote to this.

Pegasus MRA can help and add value to this process by supporting:

  • The development of a realistic strategy – please see the Pegasus MRA strategy model;
  • The implementation of the strategy – guiding and supporting individuals, teams and Chambers through the whole process – from conception to completion;
  • Skills coaching and development – please see our coaching and mentoring services as well as our training workshops
  • Marketing and targeting PA clients – defining the service to be provided; to whom and then marketing to and actively approaching potential clients is an essential step; and
  • Our experience base – the Pegasus MRA team has extensive experience of PA giving them a unique insight and experience base.

PA provides an excellent service for many potential clients who can act as a Litigant in Person without the need of a solicitor. Approaching PA in a co-ordinated and business-like approach will enable both Chambers and individual barristers to leverage fully the opportunities presented by PA. The opportunities are still there. Do you want to take advantage of them?


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