There has been a lot of speculation recently on the SRA Training for Tomorrow initiative and what will replace the current CPD framework and the 16 hour annual target. The recent announcement from the SRA, the ‘new approach to Continuing Competence’, has ended that debate. No doubt the speculation will now move from what the concept will be to as how the SRA will regulate the requirement in practice.

What strikes me though is the focus on what the requirements and measures will be – rather than taking the opportunity for a fresh look at what is needed in terms of knowledge and skills within the organisation. There is a requirement to ‘plan and reflect’ – this should also be a very good time to consider learning and development frameworks at an organisational level rather than simply at the individual CPD level.

If we consider the following questions:

  • What knowledge and skills are required for each role within the organisation?
  • Do we have processes to allow individuals to develop and fulfil their career potential?
  • Do we have an adequate supervision system is in place?
  • What management and leadership skills are required by line managers?
  • Do we have the right learning and development structure in place?

Answering these questions will identify what learning and development structure is right for the business. It will ensure we can comply with whatever compliance framework the SRA decides is necessary.

I am looking forward to working with Andrew Dines and Pegasus in the coming months to help law firms with their learning and development agenda – in part to help them understand and comply with the new requirements but more importantly to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to drive their organisation forward and enjoy further commercial success.

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