The people make the place

The success of every lawyer, especially barristers, depends upon their relationships with their clients and work referrers. Underpinning these strong client relationships are high levels of personal organisation and effectiveness which turn into repeat instructions, referrals and, in many cases, increased profitability.

Increasing awareness and understanding of who you are, how you work and what is your personal style are key elements of personal development which underpin effective communications.

Packed with the latest techniques and approaches, our workshops aim to stimulate consistently high levels of personal performance, management and communication.

The result – greater client satisfaction resulting in higher profitability returns. 

Tailored Training

Our flexible, individual approach means that we can develop and structure training workshops that are truly bespoke to the needs of your Chambers.

We’d be happy to discuss how we can resolve your specific issues and help achieve your ambitions.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

Sample workshops

Personal Organisation and Effectiveness

Where does all your time go?

Our practical workshops will help you to plan and prioritise more effectively, equipping you with proven time management tools and techniques.

We will focus on the areas that underpin the contribution each individual can make to their own profitability:

  • Understanding your values, beliefs and attitudes.
  • Recognising and reviewing barriers to efficiency.
  • Setting goals and planning effectively – a four step process.
  • Prioritisation – a key tool.
  • Reviewing work habits and devising techniques for improvement.
  • Stress – recognising the signs and then developing effective coping strategies


Communicating Effectively

Effective and purposeful communication should be at the heart of every successful chambers and barrister. Self-awareness, realistic perspective and an understanding of how others perceive us are all key to effective communication.

We can give you the skills and knowledge essential to building strong working relationships at all levels, showing you how to choose and use the most appropriate approaches and behaviour.

Our communication led workshops cover:

  • Understanding ourselves – values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour.
  • Understanding different communication styles – Honey & Mumford learning styles and the VAK model.
  • How communication happens.
  • Active and empathic listening and the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • The key steps to developing and building trust and rapport.


Influencing and Persuasion

Emotional intelligence, awareness and good communication skills are all key attributes of the successful barrister. They are also the key skills of an excellent influencer. Effective influencers make sure their advice, instructions and messages get across, ensuring they get heard, are understood, are accepted and are acted upon.

We can show you how to be an effective influencer by:

  • Identifying different personalities and understanding what those personalities mean in practice.
  • Adopting a problem solving approach in terms of communication styles, attitude and approach.
  • Examining and understanding influencing, persuasion and negotiating styles.
  • Showing you how to manage upset and difficult people.
  • Improving assertiveness techniques and understanding the philosophy ‘As If’.


Meeting Skills

Spending too much time in meetings that are ineffective?

We can show you how to chair meetings and encourage participants to contribute more effectively whilst being more dynamic and purposeful in order to use available time more efficiently.

  • Aims, objectives and preparation – roles and responsibilities.
  • The process and dynamics of meetings.
  • Participating in meetings – being persuasive, accommodating agendas and personalities.
  • The role of the chair-person – leading meetings and managing all contributions.
  • Effective note taking and processes to ensure effective follow up.


Networking Skills

People do business with people.

Adopting a more focused and strategic approach to networking and relationship marketing is fundamental to building a successful professional team and individual career.

We can help you to develop the confidence essential to identifying and maximising networking opportunities by:

  • Asking what is networking and how does it work?
  • Reviewing your current network and identifying your future network.
  • Systematic preparation for a networking event and “working” a room to best advantage.
  • Positive self-introductions, entering and exiting groups and identifying useful contacts.
  • Effective follow-up – making the most of business development opportunities.